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021414 ❤

Long time, no post/update here. I’m too, busy with my schoolworks and everything, that i really don’t have time for social accounts.

February 13, 2014. We (Michael and I) are reviewing for our exam in Chemistry. We are seriously reviewing for our exam that we don’t do much talking. Then randomly, he said, “Pam, tumingin ka sa’kin.” then, i looked at him in the eye. Then he asked, “Will you be my girlfriend?” then i answered, “Oo naman! *laughing so hard*” I was laughing so hard because i thought, it was just a joke or a random question that he does most of the times. Then he asked, “Mukha ba kong nakikipagbiruan?” Then i answered with another question, “Nagpapatawa ka ba?” Then he asked again, “Mukha nga ba kong nagpapatawa?” Then he barely kneeled, and asked again, “Pam, will you be my girlfriend?” and said, “Sorry, ang spoiler ko. Alam kong may alam ka na sa gagawin ko eh, at seryoso, ‘DI NA KO MAKAPAGHINTAY. Ilang weeks na ko nagpeprepare at nag-aantay, pero ‘di ko na talaga maantay eh. Ano, Will you be my girlfriend?” I was just staring at him, shocked, and feeling mixed emotions. Then he said, “Dibale, i’ll make it official pa naman tomorrow eh, so ano nga? Kinakabahan ako oh! Daliiii naaaaa!” And i answered, “Sa tingin mo hihindi ako? *smiling*” then he answered, “So, ano ngaaaa?” Then i shaked my head up-down (like i’m saying “Yes.”) then he hugged me. :”>

Yesterday, February 14, 2014, Friday, Valentine’s Day, i was just sitting in front of my bro’s room, W415, waiting for Michael and Jemo, then to make the story short, Michael went up West 4th flr. He was carrying 2 boxes of J.Co, then he sat beside me and get something in his bag (which is the folder with post it-s) then barely kneeled, and said, “Please be my girlfriend. Please? Please? PLEASE?” I was just so quiet, and a bit shocked because i really don’t know what to say or i mean how to say “Yes.” I just nodded again, and say “Yes.” ❤❤❤ and the rest is history. :”>

Happy. Contented. ❤ HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY ev’ryone 😘

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