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Before this day ends, i would like to thank everyone who greeted me (Chat, DM, Personal, Tawag, Text *PM niyo po ako kasi nasnatch nga po phone ko so di ko po nareceive*) Sorry po sa mga di nareplyan, wait lang po. Thank you din sa lahat ng kinasabwat ni @maykeljowi. THANK YOU SO MUCH! ☺ Sobrang mahal ko kayo lahat. 😭☺😘😘 Especially, Thank you so much, Michael! Efforts and everything. I love you even without those foods/gifts, pero super duper thank you. You’ve made this day the best day/birthday ever. :”> I love you so much! 😘😘 Thank you! Thank you sa inyong lahat! 😘😘👊🙌👌👌🙏🙏👏👏

Try lang 👎✌ #videoresumé

They’re the mist vain, the cutest, the sweetest, the funniest and everything. You’re so the best baby @maykeljowi 😘 you really know how to make me happy. 😘 I love you so much! 😘 #vanity #overload #pinauwikoangiTouchkosakanyaatayanangnangyari #MachaDamonTabatarlsJasonOwe

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Bibigyan ko ng malaking discount yung mga kapwa Tumblrista. :)

Earlier with fam in Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal. Good Friday at its finest and at its holy and great purposes. Godbless us all. 😇👼🙏 #fambam #GoodFriday